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The ultimate Online Fantasy Sports App in India

Nowadays, online fantasy sports portals have become very popular with game lovers. If you need the ultimate flexibility and unlimited thrill in playing online fantasy sports, look no further than JustKhelo. We offer you an of its kind of online fantasy sports platform. Pick from the wide range of fantasy sports players and make your dream team. That’s all you need to join the online contests and Play Fantasy Cricket games. Just Khelo offers players reward points and a cash bonus. We also have many more exciting offers aimed at cricket fans.

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Why Justkhelo

Why is JUSTKHELO Fantasy Cricket App a big hit with fantasy soccer fans?

What makes Justkhelo so much popular with the fans of online fantasy soccer games? Read on to find out why our online soccer gaming platform stands out from the rest.

Instant welcome bonus

What can be more motivating than an Instant bonus worth INR 100 when you join? Yes, that is what we offer to motivate our fans.

Superb customer support

Our customer support team is always available to resolve your queries regarding payment, withdrawal and KYC issues, etc.

Wide range of games

This online fantasy cricket app offers you a huge range of customizable online fantasy games under one umbrella.

Chance to win real cash price and free entry

You may be the lucky one to win a free entry and avail of up to 100% bonus.

Better winning prospects

Our online fantasy games have better winning prospects than what you find on other such platforms.

Low-cost leagues

We offer wallet-friendly leagues for fantasy soccer fans.


How do you get started?

At Justkhelo, you can start playing exciting online fantasy leagues without hassles and delays

- First, you need to explore the available Contests for the League. You will see the available teams and ticket prices, too.

• Then, you can create your dream team. Develop the team with online avatars of real-life players. Your knowledge and expertise may fetch you cash rewards. We offer a small entry fee for players trying our online fantasy games. The nice thing is you can play fantasy cricket & win cash daily. Rank-based rewards may be on your way too.


Payments OPTION

Wide online payment options

At Justkhelo, we offer wide online payment options, including major wallets and banks.


Match Schedule

League Table & Schedule

# First Name Last Name Username
1 Mark Otto @mdo
2 Jacob Thornton @fat
3 Larry the Bird @twitter
4 Larry the Bird @twitter
5 Larry the Bird @twitter
6 Larry the Bird @twitter
7 Larry the Bird @twitter
8 Larry the Bird @twitter
9 Larry the Bird @twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to download the JustKhelo Fantasy app on my device?

1. How to download the JustKhelo Fantasy app on my device?

You can opt for a fantasy app download at the App Store, and Android users can get it from the JustKhelo website.

2. How to sign up for the JustKhelo app?

2. How to sign up for the JustKhelo app?

After you have downloaded and set up the app, just click on Join to set up your account. You will have to type in your name, email id, phone number, and state, and then set up a Username and password.

3. What to do if I suspect my account is being misused?

3. What to do if I suspect my account is being misused?

Every transaction made on your JustKhelo account will be followed by an email sent to your id. For any suspected fake transactions, inform us @ [email protected]. Also, reset your account password soon after.

4. What to do if I forget the registered email id and mobile number?

4. What to do if I forget the registered email id and mobile number?

To access your JustKhelo account and use this online fantasy cricket app, using the verified user name and password is mandatory. Your phone number and email address are not required. In case you forget the username, write to us @ [email protected]. Or log in using your Google and Facebook id. Use the app’s KYC section for mobile number alteration.


Earn 100% Cash Bonus by making the first deposit in the application